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Symptoms of Candida

I know when you read the following you may be sceptical and say ’oh, but these symptoms can be caused by many different things’ and yes you would be right. A quick search on medical website or wiki for example will these symptoms and more, in fact there are thought to be over 100 different symptoms that can be expressed in someone with candida.

They will not have all the symptoms as there are different symptoms to where the fungus is located. For example expression of depression and psychological symptoms usually symptoms related to the fungus being located in the brain….similar situation with other symptoms and the location of the fungi colony.

The initial stages of a Candida infection will very often involve the gut, mouth and urinary tract.

Most common symptoms that indicate a Candida infection are:
· Thrush
· Sore throat
· Bloating
· Gas
· Constipation
· Diarrhea
· Ear ache

Once the infection has reached the bloodstream it can travel all round the body to other vital systems. These include the brain, the reproductive system, the nervous system and more. As the infection becomes more widespread the symptoms become more varied and include:
· Sugar and alcohol cravings
· Migraines
· Anxiety
· Depression
· Fatigue
· Vaginitius
· Foggy thinking
· Itching
· Acne
· Hyperactivity
· Sinus inflammation
· Irritability
· Dizziness
· Low sex drive
· Ear ache
· Skin infections such as athlete’s foot
· Chronic pain
· Muscle weakness

As more studies are done on Candida infection, it is being realized that this yeast is a serious contributor to many illnesses that now include:
· Alcoholism
· Asthma
· Addison’s disease
· Chronic fatigue syndrome
· Depression
· Anxiety disorders
· Psoriasis
· Arthritis
The medical profession is now much more aware of the problems Candida causes and will urge you to take action quickly if you have a Candida infection to prevent serious complications.